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Awesome 3D implentation in Defold! How did you do it? I had no idea this level of 3D was possible in Defold! How much banging and shoving did it take to get it to run this well?


Thank you!! The source code is here ->

I'm planning to clean it up and make a 3D FPS template for the engine. So, it'll be much easier to start doing something in 3D with Defold.


That would be so absolutely epic! I really hope you get around to making that template. Thanks so much already for the github link! I'll definitely take it apart and poke it till it moves :) I'm hyped about whatever comes next! Thanks for contributing to the world of Defold!!!


Great work! I would also be interested in the template if you’ll release it!

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Maybe include a mini-map or quest marker. I got lost. Or try something diegetic like trails or a beacon. But seriously, this is very fun.

Thanks! I want to add a mini-map, but I can't do that while the voting is in the process...

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Amazing! I finally got lost, but I had a lot of fun! Amazing how with those shapes and fog, you created an atmospheric environment and a mysterious tension ;)
EDIT: OK, I found the base - replanned my strategy and completed the game! Thank you! It's awesome! :D

Thank you for playing! I am very glad that you liked it!


Give me back my 10-15 minutes! :D

You can request a refund! xD